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    Of course, any potential participant, before considering the possibility of supporting a project, must make sure of its future economic success. We suggest you to get acquainted with an example of our calculations for the implementation of NS in Germany.

    For instance, the average person in Germany uses around 4 kW of electricity daily at a cost of 0.3 Euros per kW. The country is home to 83 million people. Around 100 million Euros are spent on electricity daily. The NS platform commission in Germany comes to over half a million Euros daily. This income goes to all NS token holders in proportionate shares.

    Our platform is universal! We can account for other energy recourses like water, gas and heating. This will allow for the flexible and timely expansion of the NS platform, involving more and more producers and consumers from countries around the world.

    Which leads to more and larger transactions, and along with them – higher profits for our investors!

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    First payments to NS tokens holders in 2019.

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    Our project is called “ENES” (from Energy Saving), or “NS” in abbreviated form.

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    For the past 10 years, our company has been engaged in research in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving, and the development of innovative energy technologies, one of which was EnesFilter.

    Our company is a resident of the Foundation for Development of the Skolkovo Center for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies, registration number No. 1121730. We are finalists of many state and commercial competitions.

    We also received state support for 10 years, as well as tax benefits.

    The advantages listed above let our company increase the investment attractiveness of the project, shorten the payback period of investments and increase profits. Detailed information about our company can be found in the full whitepaper version of the project.

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    NS is a blockchain platform for energy saving and power management designed to organize the interaction of electricity producers, electricity network operators, regulators, and consumers through the use of special decentralized applications and the SmartEnes device.

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    The main participants of the platform: consumers and producers of the electric power. The first includes households and legal entities, the second includes electricity producers from different sources, including thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable energy sources.

    Besides electricity producers and consumers, with the platform NS will interact electricity network operators and regulators.

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    All of the competitive projects link their development with decentralized generation and renewable energy sources. They are one-sidedly oriented to interaction with small suppliers of solar and wind “green energy”.

    Therefore, their future largely depends on the future of “green energy”. In the event of a crisis in this energy sector, their implementation entails a high degree of risk.

    In addition, most competitors are not focused on the interests of large and medium-sized electric power companies with interests represented on the NS platform.

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    The current model of relations in the energy market is gradually becoming obsolete. A large number of intermediaries between the producer and consumer of electricity, difficulties in conducting calculations, problems with the implementation of accounting of energy that was actually delivered and consumed have pushed us to create the NS blockchain platform that would not only solve the aforementioned problems but would also add some additional features.

    The NS platform, conceived by us, will be able to provide its participants with new opportunities unlike the traditional electricity market:

    • The possibility of implementing a decentralized trade in electricity means direct interaction between electricity suppliers and consumers;
    • Fixation of volumes of production and consumption;
    • Billing for electricity on the basis of indicators of SmartEnes, fixed in the blockchain;
    • Invoicing for electric vehicles (“roaming”);
    • Reliable storage of data on electricity supplies;
    • Reliable storage of data on payments for electricity;
    • Certification of data on the mode of electricity production;
    • Automatic power on / off with smart contracts;
    • The platform will facilitate the choice and change of the provider of electricity services;
    • The technology of smart contracts will create the basis for the development of online energy exchanges on the blockchain;
    • Payments between the platform participants for the electricity produced and consumed will be carried out in tokens.

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    Introduction of the NS blockchain platform in the energy sphere will give the following results:

    • Increased transparency through decentralized data storage. Due to the fact that the information in each new block contains information from the previous block, the possibility of deception by the system’s participants is minimized, since the potential attacker must change the information of the entire chain.

    • Reducing transaction costs by reducing the number of intermediaries. As it has been mentioned earlier, the price of electricity usually increases not less than 10% because of the huge number of electricity market intermediaries who charge their fees and commissions. The NS blockchain platform will provide an opportunity for participants to get rid of the need to use the services of such intermediaries.

    • The fall in prices as a result of increased market transparency.

    • Reduction of the overall level of complexity for the settlement system (documentation, contracts, payments); With the help of our platform, the existing bureaucratic red tape will be overcome. All the information that will be really needed by the participants will be contained in specialized applications, the management of which will be easily mastered by absolutely all market participants.

    • A flexible system that allows you to choose products (tariffs) and change the supplier of electricity. Consumers using the NS platform will be able to choose the supplier whose offer and terms will seem the most profitable. In turn, this will increase competition among suppliers which will be doubly beneficial for end-users who may be offered even more favorable conditions by suppliers.

    • A simple solution for customers who want to become suppliers of electricity. The current system for entering the electricity market for new participants who want to obtain the status of an electricity supplier provides for a fairly long, financially-costly way. Registration of the potential supplier in the NS platform will take a few days.

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    On the NS platform, there will be two tokens: the NSpay token and the NS token, which will be released during the ICO.

    NSpay token is an internal settlement unit of the NS blockchain platform which is equivalent to 1 kW of produced and consumed energy. Token can be used as one of the options for paying for energy, and you can control their consumption through your account in a decentralized application.

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    Token NS, in turn, being a proof-of-membership token, will give its holders a number of advantages, but will not have a functional purpose.

    Funds collected through a commission of 0.6% per transaction will be re-distributed among all holders of NS tokens in proportion to the number of tokens per user. Thus, the profit of NS tokens’ holders directly depends on the success of the project and the turnover that will form on the platform. The greater the number of transactions, the greater the profit for each holder of NS tokens.

    NS tokens available to a user will also grant him the right to one of the following privileges to choose from:

    • Free receipt of the SmartEnes counter when you purchase at least 100 NS tokens in the primary market;

    • The right to use the NS platform free of charge, that is, there is no commission when making transactions on the platform. This privilege will only apply while the user owns at least 333 NS tokens.

    • For holders of a large number of NS tokens, a number of exclusive privileges will be provided, designed for large market participants, and not for private investors.

    * The token issuing company reserves the right to make changes.

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    Soft cap - 1 million USD
    Hard cap - 40 million USD
    Price 1 NS = 0,3 USD in ETH

    Besides performance of financial indicators, during token sale we want to create a community NS, which will bring together people who are not indifferent to the problem of saving the resources of our planet.

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    • 42% will be directed to energy service and implementation of project ideas;
    • 33% will constitute the cost of production;
    • 14% will be directed to research, design and development of new technolo-gies and products;
    • 11% will be directed to the development and expansion of the project.

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    In the ICO process, there will be two bonus programs - quantity bonuses and time bonuses.
    The operational principle is “Buy before, buy more — pay less!”

    A) Quantity bonuses.

    8% ― $10,000 – $50,000
    10% ― $50,000 – $100,000
    13% ― $100,000 – $500,000
    15% ― more than $500,000

    B) Time bonuses. They will consist of 10 levels from 20% to 2%. The current temporary bonus is displayed on the main page of the site.

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    Minimum investment amount - 5 USD in ETH.

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    As the US and North Korea prohibit their citizens from taking part in investing in high risk projects related to the crypto currency market, we do not accept in-vestments from citizens of these countries.

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    Before making a purchase decision, a potential token buyer should carefully con-sider the risk information provided in full version of whitepaper of the project.